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Gum Shields

Accidents happen, especially if you're playing sports. You can avoid damage to your teeth by getting a properly fitted mouthguard.

Sadly there is currently no NHS provision for such a preventative guard. Smile dental can supply at reasonable prices a variety of mouthguard, be it clear, coloured or multicoloured.
  Bottle Feeding

If your teeth get knocked out, there is a chance that they can be put back in by a dentist. Simply follow these steps:

  • Hold the tooth by the part usually visible in the mouth, not by the root. Don't scrub the tooth or place it in disinfectant.

  • If the tooth is clean, hold it by the white part (the bit that is usually visible) and, making sure it's the right way round, gently push it back into its socket.

  • If the tooth is dirty, rinse it in milk or cold water before gently pushing it back into place.

  • Hold the tooth in place by biting on a handkerchief and go to the dentist immediately for advice. 
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If you can't put the tooth back in, try this:

  • Place it in a cup of milk or, if not available, keep the tooth in the mouth between the cheeks and gums.

  • Don't let the tooth become dry and don't put it in disinfectant.

  • Go to your dentist immediately. If this isn't possible, contact NHS 24 to find out your nearest Accident & Emergency department that has a dentist on call.


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