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The Reception Staff will take your details to enter onto the practice computer system. They will then ask you to complete a Confidential Medical History form. This is to provide us with information which may be relevant to your Dental treatment. It is not normally necessary for us to have access to your previous dental records so please don't worry about them. You will then be shown to the Reception lounge where you may relax in very comfortable surroundings.

A member of Staff will collect you and take you to your new Dentist.
At the first visit we feel it is more important to get to know you and establish a good relationship therefore unless there is any emergency treatment necessary we confine our first visit to a discussion of your Dental needs (if any), the taking of a history and a thorough Dental examination together with any necessary x-rays. After that you can relax!

The Dentist will then discuss with you any treatment options identified during the examination and, if necessary, an appointment will be made.

At the following consultation appointment we will explain our findings and recommendations with you.

By explaining the options fully, we enable you to make an informed decision about the procedure which is right for you. You will be given a written report and treatment plan, including an estimate of costs. After your treatment is complete we will agree together how often your routine examination and hygienist appointment will be. For most patients this will be every six months. We can make your check-up appointment at your last visit or our fully integrated computer system will generate a recall to be sent to you through the post.


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