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Teeth Whitening


A brighter whiter smile can boost your confidence and self esteem. Our teeth inevitably become stained by every day activities such as drinking red wine, coffee, eating staining foods and smoking. Although regular brushing visits to our hygienist can help to keep your teeth clean and remove surface staining they cannot remove deeply embedded stains.

The colour of your teeth is determined by your DNA, just like the colour of your hair or your eyes. As we get older, the dentine - the soft, pulpy substance below the enamel that protects the nerves and the blood supply to the tooth - changes colour, becoming more yellow. This is something that a stain - removing toothpaste alone cannot help.

Teeth whitening can help you achieve a beautifully white smile by bleaching your teeth and removing any deep stains.

Out with the NHS, we can prescribe professional home whitening kits for you to continue you teeth whitening regime in the comfort of your own home. The home whitening kits will further lighten your teeth over time and help you to maintain a beautiful white smile.

If you are looking for tooth whitening in the central Scotland area then contact us today by calling the practice for a FREE teeth whitening consultation.  

It is important, though, to do it under your dentist's supervision. Don't be tempted to buy kits over the counter or on the Internet. Not only are they not made to fit your mouth exactly, it may be that bleaching isn't suitable for you, especially if you have gum disease or crowns.
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The most common way a dentist will whiten or bleach your teeth is using a special whitening tray and some gel. First of all, the dentist will give your mouth a thorough check-up to make sure there are no other problems and that your gums are nice and healthy. Then he or she will take an impression of your teeth, upper and lower. Using that impression, a whitening tray will be made which can fit snugly and exactly around your teeth.

The dentist will then show you how to put a small amount of the bleaching gel into the tray and then how to slide it over your teeth. Then you take the tray and the gel home and use it overnight, maybe every other or every third night, until your teeth are the desired colour. You may find that your teeth are more sensitive for about 24 hours after each application, but this is only temporary.

There are other ways a dentist may whiten your teeth, for example with the use of lasers, which may be quicker. The advantage of the 'sleeve' method, though, is that you have greater control over the colour.
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